Priscella J Cooper- Holyfield

Priscella, Co-Founder of  iSHE TV is an experienced affiliate marketing professional, developing affiliate relationships through innovative marketing tactics, promotions and events. Has assisted and/or worked in management for up to 20 networks.  Priscella also handled acquisitions with responsibilities for finding new relevant content for 15+ broadcast channels.

Priscella has kept up the respect and honor of the “Holyfield” name; that some industry people fall short of.  She is honored to be related to such a great and forever legendary iconic American hero, as Evander Holyfield. 


Priscella has been in the Entertainment business since she was 8 years old, winning first runner-up, to become Angela Anaconda’s TV series’ newest Cartoon Character!  Between the ages of 19 to 20 years-old, Priscella was the Creator, Writer and also Co-Star host in the Nationally Broadcast  TV Series, “Niteclub Ratings!”

Priscella’s studies in Business Management & Marketing at Arizona State University, will be an advantage to The Company's Pricing and Marketing Strategy;  Priscella, also took studies at the Art Institute of Phoenix, focused in Fashion and Design She takes creative ideas and integrates them with business, which will be essential in building the iSHE TV and Holyfield brand.

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Priscella JC Holyfield